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A Local company established in 1966, we have seen it all in the past 50 years but nothing can beat local service and support. Many clients struggle to set-up their Cash Register from Scratch, and depending on the machine purchased may require varying levels of help and assistance. Our online pricing is the cheapest possible to allow you to choose a do it yourself approach and seek self help from the manuals and library we have on our website. We still remain a service company with staff on the ground to assist in many aspects of your business from the initial selection, unpacking and selecting the correct configuration options for your cash register or POS solution. It is the customisation we offer that will turn your Pos into a solution that is backed and supported by a team passionate about the success of your business. We also offer staff training & consultancy that will improve the efficiency and output from your existing POS systems. Please call and discuss your business with our consultants so we can begin the journey and make your POS investment an asset to your business for many years to come.


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Without proper consultation it is not possible to make the correct decision about your Cash Register and POS solution as there are so many possible options on the market today. The point of diffrerence is the ability of our team to setup and configure the standard options to become a customise solution for your business not our own. Start with a phone call and make contact with our office to arrange a professional approach to setting up your business now and into the future.

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Our Business Solution implementation services include software installation and setup, hardware deployment and installation, data preparation and import from existing systems. We can offer SaaS, HaaS, leasing and finance as a total cost of ownership solution or a pay as you go implementation.



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We offer Yearly membership to our Kent Care Plan. On-Site and Remote support for a range of products. Members are offered special discount rates.

We often provide a change of solution strategy to ensure you get a better outcome and not throwing expensive hardware that may have inappropriate software setup.

In other words, we can help you even if you did not purchase the system from us.


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